NCT Heidelberg Germany

Fussboden Haag GmbH – Fellbach, Germany

Behnisch Architects – Stuttgart, Germany

• Fast-track installation
• High-functionality
• High-traffic area
• Cutting edge design with no limitations on creativity
• 1,200 m2

Behnisch Architects designed a highly functional, cutting-edge architectural plan that would create a unique atmosphere for the National Center for Tumor Diseases Haidelberg at Haidelberg University Medical Center. With a limited installation time available, the products needed to be high-quality, fast acting products. The products also had to fulfill the creative vision of the architect.

ARDEX recommended PANDOMO® TerrazzoBasic. The architect was not familiar with the accelerated hardening and drying speed of the PANDOMO product. A sample pour on the job site convinced Behnisch Architects, owner and applicator of the design, value and efficiency of the system.

Within eight days, the PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic was successfully installed in an area approximately 1,200 m2. The eight day installation included all subfloor preparation, product installation, grinding and sealing of the completed finished floor.

The result was a light grey terrazzo with a clean simple look and minimal joints that helped give the building an open, relaxed, warm atmosphere. The selected regional aggregates offered an overall homogeneity with a well sorted and mature blend. The floor has a fine surface shine with a subtle unique elegance. The high durability of PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic provided the perfect solution for a high traffic area.