Marco Polo

PANDOMO® Loft – unique flooring for a high-quality fashion store design

Retail design plays a key role in the success of a business. It needs to be attractive and unmistakable, and be able to perfectly represent the essence of a brand. A client in Würzburg wanted to represent the value of their business and collections through an architectural feature. The new shop theme sets itself apart with a clear and modern design that perfectly reflects the characteristic Northern European lifestyle of Marc O’Polo:

natural oak and stone were used alongside the corporate colour, graphite grey in the two top floors to form a high-quality and warm atmosphere. This is in stark contrast to the basement, where the younger “Campus” brand, inspired by college life, is housed. In a much tighter atmosphere with a wide selection of accessories on display, the customer feels comfortable with a creative student lifestyle.

Perfect appearance with an adaptable thin floor.

A successful introduction to a market requires attention to detail, and the right flooring can help to convey the company message to customers by supporting the quality of the products on offer. The Marc O’Polo brand is defined by 5 key factors: natural clarity, quality, innovation and personality.

So in keeping with the brand, a new, high-quality concept was chosen for the floor, PANDOMO® Loft. Here we have PANDOMO® Loft as a cement-based floor filler with an unusual surface that can be seamlessly laid and offers an almost infinite range of different forms. The extremely thin layer – from 2 mm – yet with the same high durability, proved itself to be particularly advantageous during construction in Würzburg. The speed of installation was also decisive in the fast-paced shop construction environment.

In accordance with the corporate design, the PANDOMO® Loft in Würzburg was matched to a light grey colour and incorporated on two floors with a floor space of approximately 260 m<sup2. The client decided against the typical loft-style scratchy application in favour of a more calming surface look with large filler strokes on the ground floor, and more lively raw strokes in the basement. The experienced workers created unique flooring in loft look together with the architects in a very individual manner. The high-quality look caused amazement from the start whilst supporting the company policy through product displays. Even the tricky stairs and slopes, whose design is often dependant on materials, were realised without problems using the thin filler and lead to a continuous overall image. And all this was possible without lengthy dealys, with the surfaces being ready to be walked on after just 2 hours.