Louis Vuitton boutique

Quality knows no bounds: the new Louis Vuitton boutique in Moscow

The French company with its president Bernard Arnault and chief designer Marc Jacobs is very mindful of its good reputation. It goes without saying that the quality of the world-famous, coveted bags, cases, spectacles, shoes and accessories is exceptionally exquisite. And everything surrounding this exclusive fashion label must also match its high-end philosophy. It was therefore no surprise that the new boutique in Moscow should be housed in a building protected by a conservation order.
However, the venerable fabric of the edifice reflected the “good old times”. The conversion work not only uncovered notable plasterwork on the walls, but indeed the walls themselves had witnessed the passage of a century or two.

Only one double act could help here: ARDEX A 828 wall filling compound and A 826 wall smoothing compound! ARDEX A 828 is ideal for repairs, e.g. filling cracks and holes in one operation, does not collapse and hardens continuously in any coat thickness. The wall smoothing compound ARDEX A 826 can be applied after just 30 minutes because complete drying is not necessary. ARDEX A 826 is ideal for trowelling to a feather edge and therefore ensures smooth walls without cracks.

Quality calls for quality. Or, expressed as a proverb: “like will to like” – and that’s something ARDEX can confirm.