Golf Shire Prestige

Golf Shire Prestige

Bangalore, India

• Amaravati Protec Pvt Ltd. – Bangalore, India

General Contractor:
• B L Kashyap & Sons Limited – Bangalore, India

• Thomas Associates – Bangalore, India

• Crack-bridging
• Waterproofing
• Low dust retention
• Breathability
• Fast-track installation


Sprawling across 300 acres of the Nandi foothills next to a 75 acre natural lake and world famous PGA golf course, the Prestige Golf Shire is home to some of the most desired villas in Bangalore. To ensure these villas would live up to high-end design and status, exterior products that would complement construction and prevent degradation on the façade were required. It is difficult to find a fast track solution that does not compromise the integrity of the cement and plaster installation. ARDEX ENDURA Technical Service department was contacted to offer a solution to this problem.


After reviewing site materials and needs of the team, ARDEX ENDURA Technical Service recommended ARDEX WPM 300 (HydrEpoxy 300) Water Based Epoxy Membrane as a primer and ARDEX WPM 310 Shelterguard for the finishing touches.

For this construction site, utilizing ARDEX WPM 300 allowed a fast-track installation of ARDEX WPM 310. ARDEX WPM 300 was applied over the damp facade and cured for 24 hours. Once dried, contractors applied ARDEX WPM 310 without fear of failure related to moisture-like efflorescence. This application also allowed the installation to continue quickly. Most installations of this type require the façade to cure for as many as 28 days before the external finish can be added. This often leads to cracks from the curing process. ARDEX WPM 310 accommodates normal building movement without cracking, is UV stable and allows for many color choices.

To make sure there were no questions about the performance of the recommended products, ARDEX approved installer, Amaravati Protec, started with a test installation of 265 M2 (2,852.44 ft2). After the successful test application, Amaravati Protec proceeded with the remainder of the buildings. To assist and ensure a properly performed application, ARDEX Technical Service remained on site until the application was complete.