Golf Shire – Car Park

• Siddhi Coatings – Mumbai, India

General Contractor
• B L Kashyap and Sons Limited – New Delhi, India

• Thomas Associates – Bangalore, India

• High-end aesthetic appearance required
• Capable of receiving heavy duty vehicular traffic
• Guaranteed wear-and-tear resistance

Nestled between a world class PGA golf course and the Nandi foothills, the Golf Shire Car Park is beautiful as it is functional. It’s parking decks needed to be beautiful and functional as well. ARDEX ENDURA was called for a recommendation to meet aesthetic requirements for a portion of the installation.

ARDEX ENDURA recommended ARDEX CPS Car Park System for this high profile installation. ARDEX CPS is a modified polyurethane system designed to provide excellent protection to new or existing car park areas. ARDEX CPS consists of ARDEX CPS Primer, ARDEX Anti Slip Grans, ARDEX CPS Wear Coat, and ARDEX CPS Top Coat. When installed together, each component chemically reacts to form a tough hard-wearing protective surface for parking areas.

To prove ARDEX ENDURA was up to the task, the Technical Service Department performed a demonstration for Siddhi Coatings. Once the demonstration area was complete, they tested the installation area with heavy traffic. Impressed with the durability, appearance, and dedication of ARDEX ENDURA, Siddhi Coatings utilized the system throughout the complex.

To ensure complete satisfaction and proper installation of the products, ARDEX ENDURA technical Service Department remained on site for technical support through the entire process.