Full throttle on the Lower Rhine

Eco cars are the latest fashion, and the talk about possible hybrid drives of the future has eclipsed proven alternative drives of the present, such as LPG systems for cars. These offer similarly convincing low emissions and low consumption costs. In Wesel on the Lower Rhine, the company GAS (GunnarAdamServices GmbH) has just opened a large new training and workshop facility with installation stations for LPG systems.
A growing number of new vehicles are now leaving the production plant with an LPG system already installed. For the Wesel-based company GAS, this is an interesting market, and it is carrying out full installation for manufacturers and vehicle importers. That means things can get fairly hectic in the newly built workshop facilities: Vehicles both large and small are manoeuvred, fork-lift trucks make their rounds and vehicle lifts with high concentrated loads are moved as required. The existing floor structure was not suitable for these new demands on the workshop so large-scale replacement and complete reinstallation was called for in the production hall.

Preparing the subfloor

The specific task facing the floor tilers on this site was to refurbish around 750 m2 of floor in an existing production hall to meet the new requirements. The existing rolled asphalt floor screed, approx. 2 cm thick, had to be mechanically removed back to the concrete beneath.

Once exposed, the concrete floor was first given two coats of the epoxy primer ARDEX EP 2000 and sealed against any moisture. ARDEX QS quartz sand was broadcast over the second application of primer, producing the desired sandpaper-like finish for improved adhesion of the next floor levelling compound. The compound used here was the self-levelling rapid drying industrial topping/wearing surface ARDEX K 80. Thanks to its suitability for pump application, it proved possible to apply a substantial 8.5 tonnes of material to this large floor area, to a depth of 5 mm in places, in just 6 hours. The Ardurapid effect meant that the screed was ready to be walked on after just 2 hours and was likewise soon ready to bear loads.

Other ARDEX products were also used for the floor construction. Porcelain stoneware tiles measuring 10 x 20 cm and 1.6 cm thick with excellent non-slip properties were laid by the Wesel tiling team using ARDEX X 78 MICROTEC premium pourable thin set mortar and the rapid setting and hardening grout ARDEX GK. ARDEX TP 50 edge insulation strip was used for the surrounding wall joint.