Folkwang Museum

PANDOMO® TerrazzoBasic – characteristic flooring in Folkwang Museum

One of the Ruhr area’s biggest cities, Essen, is getting its new Museum Folkwang just in time for the City’s Cultural Year in 2010.
It has been designed by top architect David Chipperfield and is one of the architectural highlights of the year.

The imposing rebuild integrates the original listed building into the building as a whole, continuing its theme with interior courtyards, gardens and foyers. Clear lines and a functional structure dominate the interior. Characteristic: The incredible clear width and glass-like transparency with flowing rooms and all on one level. The visitorwitnesses the Museum Folkwang in a minimalist and elegant style which compliments the presentation of the artwork. This ishighlighted by an almost seamless and characterful floor design,supporting the connection between the room and the architecture. An individual signature, whose defining effect on the room is based on a modern polished designer floor, the material for which was specially developed with the designers in accordance with the design plans.

Modern terrazzo flooring with a local flair.

Floor surfaces are an important part of the complex draft. The expansive, seamless floors in the Museum Folkwang, of up to 100 m in length, support the overall architectural theme.

What makes them unique, however, is their design quality. The architects from Plan Forward, Wolff Gruppe, wanted to create atmospheric and characteristic flooring. After discussions with the construction chemistry flooring specialist ARDEX,PANDOMO® TerrazzoBasic was created – a terrazzo floor with acompletely modern and individual look. Special attributes: Insteadof the standard colours and sizes of the classic decorative terrazzo aggregate, authentic mineral additives from the respective region were intentionally used. These incredible and individual additions create surfaces with lively designs that are unique and true to the local area. They have a repeating irregularity which is homogenous across the surface. They are considerably individual and minimalized compared to classic terrazzo floors: the perfect stage for art and exhibition.

Economic aesthetics.

The new PANDOMO® TerrazzoBasic was created in exact accordance to the architects’ wishes. Top design quality,speed of installation, and durability were of the upmost importance.

The new flooring was incorporated into approximately 6,500 m2 in the Museum Folkwang – coloured grey and mixed with the locally sourced Rhine gravel. This gave the exhibition areas a characteristic centre piece image, without being too dominating and distracting the visitors attention away from the exhibits. Another advantage was the time and money saved the material is lightweight and can be quick and easily processed by a machine. In Essen it was applied in set areas of approximately 100 m2 and then sanded numerous times.

The final coat or polish can be carried out as early as the 4th day. This innovative material has proved itself on a large surface area in the Museum Folkwang – not only visually, but also practically thanks to its application properties and efficiency savings.