Duisburg’s inland port

A trendy place to be – Duisburg’s inland port

It’s only a few years since the port in Duisburg was being used as a grimy backdrop for crime films. But today this former industrial area is a trendy place to be and a much coveted office location in the Ruhr district. A lively, attractive location with a high standard of living, a powerful symbiosis of business, housing, culture and leisure. Plus outstanding architecture, a vibrant contrast between old and new structures. And always within sight are the historic and industrial landmarks that characterise the port. At the root of all this is an ambitious urban development plan that was conceived in cooperation with Britain’s star architect Lord Norman Foster, which has certainly resulted in one of the most successful examples of an inner city revival.

Modern offices in historic dockside warehouse

“Faktorei 21” is an old warehouse located directly on the waterfront, its typical red-brick architecture steeped in history. At the end of the 1990s this building, protected by a conservation order, was fully refurbished and converted into modern offices. One special feature of this historical structure is its atrium flooded with daylight. A change of tenant resulted in a commission to redesign 1,100m² of office space. The work included laying a stylish floor covering, in this case designer PVC planks in a dark wood look. The floor construction and laying work called for considerable skill and commensurate experience.

Planks bedded directly in wet adhesive

The tenant had chosen designer planks from Project Floor in a 100x10cm format. This multi-layer PVC floor covering is laid while the adhesive is still wet. Deciding on exactly when to lay each plank is crucial:
too soon and the result is a “surfboard” effect, too late and there is insufficient adhesion, which results in material shrinkage, etc. An adhesive from the ARDEX PREMIUM range was chosen for this special challenge. The adhesive was applied to one area at a time so that, after expiry of the flash-off time, the planks could be bedded in the adhesive while it was still wet and gently pressed together. Afterwards, the individual areas were evenly rolled once again with a segmented roller as recommended by Project Floor. Thanks to the skills of the workforce and the choice of the right materials for the job, robust floor surfaces with an unmistakable character were created economically and quickly. A very trendy look that fits in well with the spirit of the “new” inland port.