District hospital

Nothing but the best for patients: the district hospital in Vöcklabruck

The district hospital in Vöcklabruck relocated in 2004 to a new site on the so-called Schöndorfer Plateau, and it was the dry lining works employing tried-and-tested, economic products that turned out to be really impressive. After all, it is precisely such work in hospitals that represents a major challenge for contractors, particularly in sensitive operating theatres.

More than 54,000 m² of plasterboard walls, 24,800 m² of independent wall linings, 8,000 m² of dry lining, 2,000 m² of service duct casings (fire resistance class F90), 9,200 m² of plasterboard ceilings and 760 m² of mineral fibre ceilings were installed in the hospital in Vöcklabruck. And, of course, it is not just the precision and workmanship on site that counts, but also the quality of the products used. ARDEX A 828 wall filling compound and ARDEX A 826 wall smoothing compound, both gypsum/synthetic-based products, are ideal for finishing any type of plasterboard wall. And as scheduling and profitability are always crucial factors in major construction projects, knowledge of the following facts is vital:

ARDEX A 828 wall filling compound can be applied in one operation, does not collapse, hardens continuously in any coat thickness and does not need to be sanded afterwards. ARDEX A 826 wall smoothing compound is the optimum choice for filling work, can be trowelled to a feather edge and exhibits excellent coverage.

So one thing is certain: With such a specification, the hospital in Vöcklabruck itself is fit and well for the future!