Century Hall Bochum

PANDOMO® Wall – seamless aesthetics in a “surround design”.

Visitors to the Century Hall Bochum lounge are greeted with what can only be compared to a long, stretched half pipe.

At the centre of the architecture, which is dominated by glass and steel, the gallery level of the “Südspange” forms an optical retreat which remains open on all sides. The effect is enhanced by a smooth, seamless form which allows the back wall, ceiling and floor to be viewed as a harmonious unit over a length of 100 metres. “Being on top of things” is how the visitor views the bustle of the foyer and stairwell beneath– encased in an air of tranquillity, strengthened by the use of coloured lights that shine on the silky wall and ceiling from a light strip in the floor that submerses the visitor in different colour moods at the host’s command.

A simple base for spectacular visual impressions.

The overall impression created by the room was conceived by the architects Petzinka Pink from Düsseldorf that was brought to life using an innovative, high-quality material concept. The aim was to emphasise the industrial character of the building. In doing this, the ceilings, walls and floors were to be consistently designed throughout to create an optical “continuum”. The complete wall and ceiling area forms a 1,300 m2 “stage” for the light coming from the floor.

A structural divider consisting of 9 symmetrical fields was chosen for the drywall building to create a logical parcelling together with the adjoining steel construction of the ceiling. A newly-developed cementitious designer filler was used that perfectly met the demands placed on the intended characteristics and required first impressions, even under the imposing conditions of the rounding half pipe the system was used to create the desired effect in the wall and ceiling design: PANDOMO® Wall.

PANDOMO® was chosen through the desire to create homoge nous, seamless surfaces that give a smooth impression without appearing sterile, with a matt shine that allows for the best light reflections. The original white filler was adapted to a grey tone to match the magnesite floor finish, which had already been chosen, to highlight the industrial character of the building.

Of the utmost importance was the ability of the surfaces to withstand intensive public use, and to be protected from scuff-marks and scratches. PANDOMO® provided a tough and long-lasting solution. The surfaces were sealed with PANDOMO® stone oil after completion.

The result is a uniform surface which is also dirt and water resistant after coating. During its first large scale application, this innovative material was able to wow planners, architects and contractors not only visually, but also practically thanks to the low use of materials and the fast and simple application with standard tools.

PANDOMO® Wall is the second development after PANDOMO® Floor from ARDEX’s award-winning decorative surface design collection. Ceilings, walls and floors can be designed with consistency in mind, using the same exclusive look.

The basis for this unique material is a white polymer modified cementitious filler. During use, a high-strength decorative filler is produced which can permanently smooth uneven surfaces. It can be coloured to any shade and provides a variety of design possibilities – from elegant and smooth, to a highly textured slate effect by using dramatic stroke techniques. Other materials can also beincorporated. What all PANDOMO® designs have in common isa premium quality smooth finish. The surfaces gain their silky finish after a short hardening period, as a result of smoothing, polishing and sealing. The finished product has proved itself to be extremely hard-wearing and damp-proof.