The W.W. Henry Company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of adhesives for all types of flooring installations. For more than 75 years, commercial and residential flooring installation professionals have relied on the The W.W. Henry Company as a trusted and valued partner.

The professional’s formula for success
Flooring installation professionals have confidently passed on the use of HENRY premium flooring adhesives from generation to generation. Like a life-long family friend HENRY has always stood for excellence, reliability, innovation and service.

Commitment to our customers
We consider each contractor that uses HENRY products and every distributor that carries the HENRY brand to be our partners. The W.W. Henry Company maintains a steadfast commitment to the growth and profitability of our customers’ businesses through:

  • Unmatched customer service from 80+ of the most knowledgeable field sales professionals in the industry
  • HENRY’s Technical Support Team with extensive expertise for any type of flooring installation
  • A strong commitment to research & development

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