Working for ARDEX

First days at ARDEX

Welcome aboard! Learn how your first days at ARDEX look like.

Ensuring you have a good start
is very important to us!

On your first day at work, you will get to know your new colleagues and take part in an induction programme.
You’ll receive a new starter information pack which will provide you with key information and ensure you have the best possible start.

Product training for our employees

We set aside plenty of time for your personalised training programme. New employees can opt to go on our product training course. In particular our sales employees receive a detailed new products training programme which will often take place over several months.

Detailed induction plan

Induction plans also form a key part of our induction period. Your department will provide you with a detailed induction plan when you start work in your role and will discuss the contents with you. If possible, the previous job holder will support you during your induction period. Of course, your new managers and team members will also be available to help.