Introducing ARDEX

ARDEX has a long history as a successful medium-sized company supplying system solutions for construction materials. From our Witten Head Office, we develop, produce and market high-quality specialist construction materials. Thanks to our strong client focus and consistent brand and distribution policies, we have established an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally.

What we stand for

ARDEX is synonymous with innovative product systems and the highest standards of customer service. Our success is driven first and foremost by people, our employees, who deliver on our brand promise each and every day. As an employer, we embrace a culture rooted in core corporate values – throughout all ARDEX companies worldwide.

We focus to maintain and increase capacity for innovation. We believe this can only be achieved in a climate of utmost transparency, open interaction, thought and action in a spirit of partnership as well as mutual respect based on trust. Numerous ARDEX companies have won national employer awards by implementing this sustainability-driven corporate culture.

As a globally expanding business, we offer multifaceted opportunities for career development. This naturally applies to all those who are already part of the ARDEX family. At ARDEX, careers don’t end at departmental boundaries or national borders.

For highly motivated colleagues from all departments, the path is open to develop their careers and attain challenging, responsible positions at ARDEX companies across the globe. We pursue this approach at all levels of the company, right up to our highest management tier, the Global Management Committee.

As a fast-growing organisation aspiring to top-rung technical leadership in the markets we serve, we cannot fill all positions with internal resources despite intensive personnel development efforts. This is why we are always interested in getting to know outstanding candidates from all relevant disciplines and backgrounds to fill vacancies within the ARDEX Group. If you’re interested, please contact the personnel departments of our national ARDEX companies.

ARDEX products worldwide

ARDEX is a market leader around the world for high-quality specialist construction materials.
For example, ARDEX compounds were used in 186 floors of the world’s tallest building. Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

PANDOMO® by ARDEX covers the seven-metre-high walls in the Space of Silence.
This creates the unique impression of a room seamlessly cut as a single piece. Room of Silence, ThyssenKrupp, Essen, Germany

ARDEX forges ahead – what guides us

It is only together with our employees that we will achieve our vision of advancing ARDEX
as one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality specialist construction materials.
We strive for excellence and foster a positive open culture where our employees and partners demonstrate fairness, transparency and responsible business practices at all times.

ARDEX takes a sustainable approach

Employees agree objectives with their managers, giving them a clear direction.
Our managers foster employees’ skills and competencies. This gives them the space to develop both personally and professionally. They also encourage employees to think and act creatively. They communicate in a transparent way to ensure an open and trusting working environment.
As we operate around the world, we value global thinking and a team approach within the Group.
At the same time, social responsibility and sustainability are also firmly embedded in our corporate culture.